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Blueberry Honey Oatmeal Squares

This week’s recipe comes courtesy of Kristin Rosenau and her blog “Pastry Affair“, and is only a minor modification to her Strawberry Honey Oatmeal Bars.  I chose to use blueberry jam instead of strawberry simply because I happened to have the former already on hand.  My attempt and pictures don’t come close to how amazing her Strawberry bars look, but the end product is still satisfying and delicious.

Blueberry honey oatmeal squares

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Vegan Maple Nanaimo Bars

Back in April I attempted to make nanaimo bars by taking Leanne’s recipe from Healthful Pursuit and changing a significant number of the ingredients.  Perhaps not surprisingly that didn’t work out so well and I’ve been meaning to try again but stay closer to the original recipe.  I’m happy to report that my second attempt worked much better!

Vegan maple nanaimo bars

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