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Experimental Hypo-allergenic Nanaimo Bars

First things first, many thanks to Leanne at Healthful Pursuit for this recipe, which I followed in substance if not exactly to the letter.  Before moving to Canada I’d never heard of nanaimo bars but I wish I’d encountered them a long time ago.  I put them somewhere between a chocolate bar and a brownie, with great potential for versatility on flavor, and I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to take a shot at making my own.

The other thing they have great potential for is hitting various points for allergic or otherwise preferential dietary choices.  The original recipe hit raw, vegan (and thus dairy-free), gluten-free, and no refined sugar, which is a remarkable feat, but I decided to take a swing at going for five points and added nut-free to the list.

The end result needs some work, but hey, that’s why I’m calling this one experimental!

Close-up on Nanaimo Bars

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Posted by on April 15, 2013 in Baking, Experimental


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